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Below are a few of the most common questions we are asked about here at Areema Online.

Technology & Software

Can I use the Cyclone Micro 2+ media player on an older television, or is it just for newer ones?

You can use the Cyclone Micro 2+ with either. It has a HDMI output which works with the latest HDMI-enabled TVs. It also has a standard AV output and can be used with a SCART plug to connect to an older TV. Although the digital output is best, the Cyclone can breathe new life into an old TV in the bedroom or a caravan.

Do I need a USB hub for my Raspberry Pi?

It depends what you want to use it for. The Raspberry Pi has two USB sockets built in, so if you just need a keyboard and a mouse, that’s enough.

If you want a Wifi connection or want to link to a Pi camera, for example, then you’ll need a USB hub to manage all the connections.

What's the advantage of USB3? Do I need to upgrade?

Like all technology, USB connections have developed over time. The original USB v1.0 and v1.1 were quite slow, but USB v2 is 24 times faster, at 480Mbits per second. That’s adequate for almost all current needs. USB3 is faster again but hasn’t yet become necessary for normal purposes. But if you’re buying new equipment anyway, it’s worth looking out for, as it will become the standard in time.

Hobby & Craft

I bought a set of 12 Letraset Promarkers, but I actually got 13. Why?

The sets of 12 Promarkers all have 12 pens in the colours you choose, and in addition have a “blender” pen. You can apply this over the other colours to soften the edge between one colour and another or to suggest light and shade in an area of one colour only. You can even use the blender to lift out a colour where you didn’t meant to use it!

What's the difference between a Promarker Set No 1, and a Promarker Set No 2?

Both sets have 12 colours and a blender. In general, Set No 1 has brighter, bolder colours, whereas Set No 2 has lighter, more pastel, colours. Many artists use both sets, and we offer a special “Bundle Buy” containing both Set No 1 and Set No 2 together, for £2 less than the individual prices.


Are Snazaroo facepaints safe for my child?

Snazaroo make facepaints which are water-based and non-toxic. They are easy to apply, don’t smudge on clothing once dry, and are easy to remove.

If your child has an allergy, do consult your doctor before using, but many children with common conditions like eczema are able to use Snazaroo products with no difficulty.

There are a huge range of kits. Where do I start?

There are indeed! The smallest kits, at around £5, typically have two colours and a brush. Moving up, we sell Rainbow, Carnival and Wild Faces kits, at around £9, which have six colours, a sponge and a brush.

At the other end of the scale, about £25 gets you a kit in an artist’s box that can cover over 300 faces.

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